Successful Removal of Tug Craig Trans Marks Government's Commitment to Marine Environment Protection

Craig Trans


At RJMI, we take great pride in being entrusted by the Canadian Coast Guard with the contract to dismantle and remove the tug Craig Trans near Marie Joseph, Nova Scotia, in November 2023. Our team successfully completed the project by the end of February 2024. We are particularly proud of our commitment to responsible waste management, ensuring that the recycled steel and other waste materials were handled in accordance with regulations at approved facilities. This accomplishment reflects our dedication to environmental stewardship and high-quality service delivery.

The presence of the tug Craig Trans near Marie Joseph since 2017 had raised concerns, particularly after reports of pollution surfaced in May 2023. Subsequent investigations confirmed oil pollution, prompting immediate containment measures by the Canadian Coast Guard. The meticulous three-month-long operation, led by the Coast Guard team, resulted in the removal of over 850,000 litres of contaminated water from the vessel.

The successful removal of the tug Craig Trans underscores Canada's proactive approach to marine environmental stewardship. Citizens are encouraged to report any marine pollution or hazards promptly to the Canadian Coast Guard, ensuring continued attention to safeguarding our marine ecosystems.

For more information on marine conservation efforts and to report incidents, visit the Canadian Coast Guard's website.

SOURCE: Canadian Coast Guard. For further information: Click Here


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