MV Caruso Release


R.J.M.I. is pleased to have been selected as the successful contractor to remove and green recycle the vessel MV Caruso from it’s current location at Marie Joseph, a small community on the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia.

Formerly registered as CCGS Tupper, the vessel served as a Coast Guard Buoy Tender on thr east coast of Canada from 1959-1998. She was sold to a private company who intended to convert her into a yacht. The conversion work was not undertaken and eventually she was sold for scrap and moved to Marie Joseph.

The dismantling work was not completed, and the Coast Guard Environmental Response branch was assigned to manage the removal of remaining pollutants. Upon completion of the work, Coast Guard issued a public tender for the removal and disposal of the remains of the vessel.

R.J.M.I. is now on site and we expect to complete the project by the end of March 2023.