Facility Management and Environmental Monitoring

In consultation with the Nova Scotia Department of Environment, Fisheries & Ocean Canada and Strum Environmental Services, RJMI designed and built our Ship Recycling Facility to prevent the accidental discharge of contaminants to the ground, water and air.

All processing is conducted on a 2500 sq.m. concrete pad with self-contained drainage and on-site treatment. Our entire site is serviced by groundwater and stormwater drainage and a catchment system. Our on-site Environmental Management staff conduct daily monitoring of ground, air and water quality.

sheet harbour facility aerial view
Deep Paunke aerial view


RJMI employs mechanical shearing and diamond saw cutting in favour of oxy-fuel and plasma cutting, thus significantly reducing emissions to the air from our recycling operations.

All hazardous materials removed from recycled ships and structures are removed and handled by industry-leading Environmental Abatement contractors. All materials are transported from the site by licensed and approved haulers and delivered to federally licensed disposal sites in Canada. No hazardous material waste is exported.

Habitat Restoration / 2022

Working with our First Nations partners, Mi’kmaw Conservation Group, the Atlantic Salmon Federation and the Nova Scotia Salmon Association, RJMI supported the installation of an artificial reef in Sheet Harbour to enhance the habitat for migrating Atlantic Salmon.

Whale Sanctuary Project / 2019

In line with the gold standard/world-class operations, RJMI invested in and supports an equally substantial sanctuary project for captive marine mammals.

Learn more at the Whale Sanctuary Project website ›

Green Marine certification

RJMI Awarded Green Marine Certification / 2022